Rig Veda Chapter 1 Hymn 16

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आ तवा वहन्तु हरयो वर्षणं सोमपीतये |
ā tvā vahantu harayo vṛṣaṇaṃ somapītaye |
1 LET thy Bay Steeds bring thee, the Strong, hither to drink the Soma draught—
इन्द्र तवा सूरचक्षसः ||
indra tvā sūracakṣasaḥ ||
Those, Indra, who are bright as suns.
इमा धाना घर्तस्नुवो हरी इहोप वक्षतः |
imā dhānā ghṛtasnuvo harī ihopa vakṣataḥ |
2 Here are the grains bedewed with oil: hither let the Bay Coursers bring
इन्द्रं सुखतमे रथे ||
indraṃ sukhatame rathe ||
Indra upon his easiest car.
इन्द्रं परातर्हवामह इन्द्रं परयत्यध्वरे |
indraṃ prātarhavāmaha indraṃ prayatyadhvare |
3 Indra at early morn we call, Indra in course of sacrifice,
इन्द्रं सोमस्य पीतये ||
indraṃ somasya pītaye ||
Indra to drink the Soma juice.
उप नः सुतमा गहि हरिभिरिन्द्र केशिभिः |
upa naḥ sutamā ghahi haribhirindra keśibhiḥ |
4 Come hither, with thy long-maned Steeds, O Indra, to he draught we pour
सुते हि तवाहवामहे ||
sute hi tvāhavāmahe ||
We call thee when the juice is shed.
सेमं न सतोमं आ गह्युपेदं सवनं सुतम |
semaṃ na stomaṃ ā ghahyupedaṃ savanaṃ sutam |
5 Come thou to this our song of praise, to the libation poured for thee
गौरो नत्र्षितः पिब ||
ghauro natṛṣitaḥ piba ||
Drink of it like a stag athirst.
इमे सोमास इन्दवः सुतासो अधि बर्हिषि |
ime somāsa indavaḥ sutāso adhi barhiṣi |
6 Here are the drops of Soma juice expressed on sacred grass: thereof
तानिन्द्र सहसेपिब ||
tānindra sahasepiba ||
Drink, Indra, to increase thy might.
अयं ते सतोमो अग्रियो हर्दिस्प्र्गस्तु शन्तमः |
ayaṃ te stomo aghriyo hṛdispṛghastu śantamaḥ |
7 Welcome to thee be this our hymn, reaching thy heart, most excellent:
अथा सोमंसुतं पिब ||
athā somaṃsutaṃ piba ||
Then drink the Soma juice expressed.
विश्वमित सवनं सुतमिन्द्रो मदाय गछति |
viśvamit savanaṃ sutamindro madāya ghachati |
8 To every draught of pressed-out juice Indra, the Vṛtra-slayer, comes,
वर्त्रहा सोमपीतये ||
vṛtrahā somapītaye ||
To drink the Soma for delight.
सेमं नः काममा पर्ण गोभिरश्वैः शतक्रतो |
semaṃ naḥ kāmamā pṛṇa ghobhiraśvaiḥ śatakrato |
9 Fulfil, O Śatakratu, all our wish with horses and with kine:
सतवाम तवा सवाध्यः ||
stavāma tvā svādhyaḥ ||
With holy thoughts we sing thy praise.