Rig Veda Chapter 1 Hymn 99

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जातवेदसे सुनवाम सोममरातीयतो नि दहाति वेदः |
jātavedase sunavāma somamarātīyato ni dahāti vedaḥ |
1. FOR Jātavedas let us press the Soma: may he consume the wealth of the malignant.
स नः पर्षदति दुर्गाणि विश्वा नावेव सिन्धुं दुरितात्यग्निः ||
sa naḥ parṣadati durghāṇi viśvā nāveva sindhuṃ duritātyaghniḥ ||
May Agni carry us through all our troubles, through grief as in a boat across the river.