Rig Veda Chapter 9 Hymn 51

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अध्वर्यो अद्रिभिः सुतं सोमं पवित्र आ सर्ज |
adhvaryo adribhiḥ sutaṃ somaṃ pavitra ā sṛja |
1. ADHVARYU, on the filter pour the Soma juice expressed with stones,
पुनीहीन्द्राय पातवे ||
punīhīndrāya pātave ||
And make it pure for Indra's drink.
दिवः पीयूषमुत्तमं सोममिन्द्राय वज्रिणे |
divaḥ pīyūṣamuttamaṃ somamindrāya vajriṇe |
2 Pour out for Indra, Thunder-armed, the milk of heaven,, the Soma's juice,
सुनोता मधुमत्तमम ||
sunotā madhumattamam ||
Most excellent, most rich in sweets.
तव तय इन्दो अन्धसो देवा मधोर्व्यश्नते |
tava tya indo andhaso devā madhorvyaśnate |
3 These Gods and all the Marut host, Indu enjoy this juice of thine,
पवमानस्य मरुतः ||
pavamānasya marutaḥ ||
This Pavamana's flowing meath.
तवं हि सोम वर्धयन सुतो मदाय भूर्णये |
tvaṃ hi soma vardhayan suto madāya bhūrṇaye |
4 For, Soma, thou hast been effused, strengthening for the wild carouse,
वर्षन सतोतारमूतये ||
vṛṣan stotāramūtaye ||
O Steer, the singer, for our help.
अभ्यर्ष विचक्षण पवित्रं धारया सुतः |
abhyarṣa vicakṣaṇa pavitraṃ dhārayā sutaḥ |
5 Flow with thy stream, Far-sighted One, effused, into the cleansing sieve:
अभि वाजमुत शरवः ||
abhi vājamuta śravaḥ ||
Flow on to give us strength and fame.