Rig Veda Chapter 9 Hymn 60

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पर गायत्रेण गायत पवमानं विचर्षणिम |
pra ghāyatreṇa ghāyata pavamānaṃ vicarṣaṇim |
1. SING forth and laud with sacred song most active Pavamana, laud
इन्दुं सहस्रचक्षसम ||
induṃ sahasracakṣasam ||
Indu who sees with thousand eyes.
तं तवा सहस्रचक्षसमथो सहस्रभर्णसम |
taṃ tvā sahasracakṣasamatho sahasrabharṇasam |
2 Thee who hast thousand eyes to see, bearer of thousand burthens, they
अति वारमपाविषुः ||
ati vāramapāviṣuḥ ||
Have filtered through the fleecy cloth.
अति वारान पवमानो असिष्यदत कलशानभि धावति |
ati vārān pavamāno asiṣyadat kalaśānabhi dhāvati |
3 He, Pavamana, hath streamed through the fleece then: he runs into the jars,
इन्द्रस्य हार्द्याविशन ||
indrasya hārdyāviśan ||
Finding his way to Indra's heart.
इन्द्रस्य सोम राधसे शं पवस्व विचर्षणे |
indrasya soma rādhase śaṃ pavasva vicarṣaṇe |
4 That Indra may be bounteous, flow, most active Soma, for our weal:
परजावद रेता भर ||
prajāvad retaā bhara ||
Bring genial seed with progeny.